Project photos for the conversion of the five-bed HMO at Ince Green Lane, Wigan.


This project finished at the end June 2016.

HMO building materials

First few days

Lots of materials on site.  Rip out started.

HMO refurbishment


Initial rip-out

Removing door frame

Front bedroom

Removing door frames.  These will be replaced with fire door frames.

Removing door frame

Front room

Door frame has been removed.  We did this throughout the house to make way for fire regulation doorways and frames.

Flor joists removal

Throughout downstairs

Floor joists were rotten in places so we replaced them.

Full HMO refurbishment

Throughout downstairs

Joists removed.  You can see into the basement.

Floor joists removed

Throughout downstairs

Don’t worry.  We cleaned out the mess in the basement!

New floor joists

Lounge / kitchen

New joists being fitted.

Bathroom refurbishment


We turned this space into a shower room and another bathroom.  Rip out more or less finished here.

Damp proof course

Throughout downstairs

The membrane you can see in this photo is part of the damp-proof course we fitted throughout the downstairs.  We also injected the walls with a chemical agent which blocks the damp from rising.

We are able to provide 30 year guarantees with our DPCs.

room insulation

Front room

This property had a large front bedroom which we split into two rooms.  Here you can see the stud work and insulation going in.

Fire proof stud walling

Front room

The stud wall used to create two rooms out of one split the existing window in half.  We moved the original window and installed a new one to make it suitable for tenants.

building the bathrooms


Stud work going in to create the two rooms.

Outrigger roof replacement

Outrigger roof

The roof on the outrigger was in bad shape so we replaced it.  Here you can see the old roof has been removed.

Roof refurbishment

Outrigger roof

Almost complete.

New stud walls

Upstairs rooms

Karl Clarke inspects the stud work and joinery put in place for the new bedrooms.

FD30 fire door and frame

All rooms

Example new FD30 fire door and frame

Replastered new bedroom

Rear bedroom

Plastering started.  You can see it beginning to dry out in patches.

First fix electrics

Upstairs bedroom

Some plastering done along with first fix electrics.

New Howdens kitchen

Kitchen diner

Kitchen units from Howdens starting to go in.

New bathroom floor


We fitted a bitumen layer in the downstairs bathrooms to stop damp coming through.

When we fitted the plumbing we expected to break through the existing damp-proof membrane, which we did.  This layer protects the bathrooms from any damp seeping through.  It’s overkill for the job, but worth it.

We created a new inspection chamber outside.



Decorating starts.

High gloss kitchen floor


High-gloss laminate flooring goes down.  Low maintenance and visually impactful.

HMO dcoration


The carpets are hard-wearing landlord carpets.  We fit them with 9mm underlay which gives lots of cushioning underfoot which tenants love.

Note the fire extinguisher.  Although not required for a 5 bed HMO we have also fitted security lighting which is out of this shot.

Door closers and thumb-turn locks on all of the bedroom doors.

Finished HMO kitchen

Finished kitchen


It all comes together!  Having seen the photos above where there were no floor joists you can see how far we take our clients projects.

The finished kitchen has the ‘wow’ factor to attract tenants into the property.

Finished HMO kitchen

Finished kitchen


From a different angle.

HMO Shower Room

Finished Shower Room

In this property we put in a shower room and a separate bathroom.  Here you can see the finished quadrant shower.  you can also just see the chrome towel rail behind the door.

HMO bathroom refurbishment

Corridor to Bathroom

This used to be the old kitchen, now a shower room and bathroom.

HMO Shower Room

Finished Bathroom

Finished electric shower over bath and towel rail.

HMO Shower Room

Finished Bedroom

One of the finished bedrooms.

We can change the finishes, tiles, carpet etc to suit the clients wishes.  This is a baseline spec which we know from experience appeals to tenants in this area.

This project was completed at the end of June 2016. We have a number of other projects at different stages of planning for the same client.

Like what you see?  Please get in touch to discuss.