Project photos for the conversion of the five-bed ensuite HMO at Kersal Ave, Swinton, Greater Manchester.


This project completed in October 2016.

HMO building materials

Rip-out starts

This property was unusual in that the interior was in good condition. However it all had to come out as the doors were not 30 minute fire doors (see under the window) plus we were reforming lots of new walls, stairs, en-suites etc

HMO refurbishment

Kitchen removal

We had a small cupboard room which is where we sited the boiler as we had access to an outside wall.

HMO damp proof course

Kitchen gone!

Plumbing left in place for the time being.  The plumbers will deal with it during first fix.

HMO refurbishment St Helens

Old bathroom being removed

En-suites throughout so the old bathroom gets taken out.

HMO first fix electrics St. Helens

Joinery items delivered

The property had a loft conversion already but access was via a pull-down ladder.  We fitted a new staircase which you can see on the left of this picture.  Note the pile of fire-boards waiting to be fixed to the timber stud frames.

HMO bathroom st helens

Downstairs front room

The en-suite is being formed on the right, and we turned the alcove into a shelf.  It’s a simple change which turns a difficult space into something useful for the tenant.

HMO first fix electrics St. Helens

Conforming to fire regulations

Originally the stairs were open into the dining room.  This isn’t acceptable to Building Control for an HMO so we boxed the stairs in and created a new doorway to accept a fire door.  This also created a cupboard under the stairs where we added a plug socket so it could be used for the washer dryer.

HMO first fix electrics St. Helens

First fix electrics being laid


‘First fix’ is a builders term for fitting the basic electrics and plumbing.  First fix electrics results in the wires being located into open sockets.  For the plumbing the pipes would be positioned for radiators, sinks, toilets etc.  Note the frame of the en-suite in this room, which is in the loft.

HMO first fix electrics St. Helens

New stairs to the lof room being fitted

This property had a large front bedroom so we took some of that space to allow for easy access to the loft room.

HMO first fix electrics St. Helens

Boarding out the en-suites

HMO first fix electrics St. Helens

Plastering underway

The red cable is for the alarm, the blue cable is for the light fitting.


HMO first fix electrics St. Helens

It’s about the details…

We fit the fire extinguishers onto boards so that if they get knocked they mark the board and not the wall.

We can’t claim to have come up with this idea, we noticed it in a Premier Inn once!


HMO first fix electrics St. Helens


Stairs to loft being decorated.

HMO first fix electrics St. Helens

Landing completed

HMO first fix electrics St. Helens

Downstairs front room

Note shelf mentioned further up this page and feature wall.

HMO first fix electrics St. Helens

Finished toilet

HMO first fix electrics St. Helens

Kitchen installed

Standard finish including chrome plug sockets.  Note break-glass for fire alarm.  As this property is over three stories the alarm needed to be upgraded from interlinked smoke detectors.